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    (.hack//Roots) Mac Anu

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    (.hack//Roots) Mac Anu

    Post  Bridgette on Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:38 am

    Area:Mac Anu

    In the anime, this is a game world and a root town to the delta server of a game called "The World". However, in this world it's real! The NPC's and Players are actually real people and the town functions like a normal town. There may be theft, nice people, enemies. Players are seen as adventurers in this world. Although some may take the portal they do not actually leave... they just go to another part of town. Mac Anu also functions in this world as a place to get information. A lot of this world's informants and observers come here for coin. Most .hack// characters may notice the difference if they are summoned to this world.


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