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    .hack//TRPG (Join now!!)

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    .hack//TRPG (Join now!!)

    Post  Bridgette on Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:30 pm

    Love the .hack series, maybe wanted to find a .hack// rpg thats new and fresh? Maybe give my new RPG a try.


    This .hack//TRPG is set in the The World R:2 version. You are a new player of the newest version of the world R;2. The plot begins and progresses by players. For this RPG, it is a little different in someways by just the fact that it has a different combat to it and levels. However if you do not understand how combat works or if you are curious admins (me being one) am free to answer any questions.

    The World expands by it's players. Players are free to make their own "Area Words" as long as they follow the rules given. tons of options are given to the players, whether they would like to create a party, create a custom shop to sell items obtained or even create a guild. PvP of course, is also given. All systems and game style are created by me and i would love to see even if a few join me in this trpg.

    A guide is given to learn a little bit about the game as well from what i have told you.


    Note: if you see some people in the accepted character list with (Transferred) it will be explained if you read in the character application.

    My name on the site is "Bridgette" and if you wish to talk to me, you can find me there in the chat room.

    (button coming soon)


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