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    How to submit your character

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    How to submit your character

    Post  Bridgette on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:01 pm


    Note: I do know some characters have different versions - If one version is taken no others can be taken.

    First, make a topic inside "Pending Applications"

    Topic name will be: Character (Anime)

    --Then your post will be--

    Character: Name of character

    Title: what title is your character holding

    Anime: What anime/manga is your character from

    Alignment: What is his/her alignment (note this will require a good story if you changed it from his/her original)

    Gender: Male Or Female?

    Age: How old is your character?


    I will accept, just the picture here. If you wish to give a descriptive text to describe your character you may. However the below is still needed.



    Theme Song: Wish for your character to have a theme song? place the song name/artist here. You can also grab Openings and just say Song Name - Anime

    Persona: What kind of personality does your character have?

    Background: Describe your background, why is your character in this world, how did he/she end up here. What is your character's reaction to this new world. (If you changed the alignment) Why did your character switch from his/her original alignment. Be descriptive as possible.

    -Additional Info-

    In addition to making a new character we allow users to add 1 area from which their character came from. This is optional. The Form is below.. Try to separate it from your character application by the dashed line.

    Note: These areas are not the original, some may be altered just due to this world so you can be creative with it.

    Title of area:

    Description: what does the area look like, is it friendly? are there people here? How do they act around here?











    [B]Theme Song:[/B]



    [B]-Additional Info-[/B]
    [B]Title Of Area:[/B]



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