(Roleplay) The battle never ends for our characters and there's only one direction to go and thats forward.

    The Prologue

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    The Prologue

    Post  Bridgette on Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:26 pm

    As characters, hero and villains alike struggle amongst the quarrel with their foe and goals, what they have yet to find out is that even if they succeed or fall, it is only one step away from what really lies ahead and their true purpose. The goddess of fate and destiny has finally called forth the day when all must meet. The characters will either defend the world, end the conflict and return home or die trying.... However the villains who fell may be seeking revenge... and what will be the reaction when the heroes are called. None of them know who has returned, revived or where they are.

    Although clueless to where they may be, this world they are summoned to are made up from fragments of the worlds our characters come from and it only expands with every character from a different world that joins. Some areas may be familiar to others but not to all. What side will our heroes take, what will they do, how will they react and what unknown mysteries does this world hold?


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