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    (Freezing) East Genetics Academy

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    (Freezing) East Genetics Academy

    Post  Bridgette on Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:54 am

    Area: East Genetics Academy
    Anime: Freezing

    This area takes the look of a private school academy. It is quite elegant on the inside and out. In the school area, are buildings with classrooms, dorms, and gyms. In the middle is a tower in which below has the corpse of the first Pandora. However it is heavily guarded. On this world, there are many seen faces from the anime. It is said that this area is completely the same from where it came. However, meeting other pandora's may be quite a terrible experience... especially if you are from this show. If you fit in, you may be able to converse with others and you may here rumors of the school. Note that even if you took a character from the anime, you may have a copy here and meeting yourself will automatically turn you to be a hostile target and those who may see you with your copy will also attack.


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